12 Reasons Why

A Tradition of Automotive Excellence

Purchasing a Regency RV is an investment backed by a tradition of automotive excellence. As a part of the Wayne Davis Auto Group, our craftsmen share a legacy of fit and finish that only comes from 50-years of restoring museum quality American muscle cars.

Combine our penchant for exceptional fit and finish with the fact that each Regency RV is handcrafted in our state-of-the-art production facility, by Certified Mercedes-Benz® Master Up-fitters, and you’ve arrived.

We encourage you to shop and compare The Regency “12 Reasons” to the competition. You’ll discover just why Regency stands alone as an investment in quality and luxury.

#1 / Built on a Superior Foundation

Regency starts with a fully equipped Mercedes-Benz® 3500 Extended Dual Rear Wheel Chassis that is specially ordered, factory-equipped with backup camera, navigation, side lane alert systems, a more robust suspension, heavy-duty rear torsion bars, under-coating and many other chassis upgrades directly from the Mercedes-Benz® factory. Starting from the chassis up, Regency provides a superior foundation.

#2 / Power You Can Count On

Your Regency motor coach custom engineered with a generator system. The PowerTech generator positioned out of the way in the rear of the Xalta coach is mounted in a custom skid-plate box. The Ultra Brougham has an Onan/Cummins generator in a protected cabinet. LP gas systems provide reliable heating and on-demand hot water.

#3 / Superior Insulation and Soundproofing

We insulate each Regency coach with layers of block-foam and fiberglass insulation over an exterior layer of Ray Foil reflective sound and heat barrier. Here in Texas, we understand the value of quality insulation to ease cooling and heating a motor coach in extreme temperatures. These hand-applied layers of insulation also make our coaches quieter overall.

#4 / Engineered and Fabricated In-house

This stainless steel exhaust termination and the stainless brackets that support the system is just one of dozens of upgrades we custom engineer and fabricate in-house for quality assurance. Typical in every motor coach we make, down to custom tinting the glass in your Regency, if we can do it better in-house, that’s how we do it.

#5 / All Components are Painted to Match

From fender-flares and bumper shrouds, exterior trim pieces, even the AC and heat cowlings on the roof of your Regency coach, we paint all components to match the color scheme of your coach. Each component we paint is hand-sanded to assure the finest paint adhesion. Each part is painted with multiple coats and then clear coated and hand polished in our state-of-the-art paint facility.

#6 / Custom Cabinets Crafted In-house

All the cabinets in your Regency coach are built in our furniture facility on site, by hand from solid American  Beech hardwood. Casings, doors and drawers are hand cut, joined, stained, finished and lacquered in-house for the finest quality.

#7 / Graphics Designed and Created at Regency RV

Regency’s distinctive graphics are designed, output, cut and applied in our in-house graphics facility. This makes replacement graphics easy to source and output from the originals in our system.

#8 / Quality Assurance Checks and Test Drives

During the manufacturing process, and at the end of the production line, automotive quality assurance checkpoints assure the integrity of each Regency coach. Upon completion, a test drive where all systems are double-checked to ensure the next driver, our customer, is completely satisfied.

Your safety is first. Regency performs independent crash tests on its seating you assure your family travels are safer.

#9 / Unique Interior Appointments

Soft, Leather Touch seating, tasteful fabric upholstery, high-end carpet selections, three DuPont Corian countertop tones and wood accents combine to create unique decors to choose from.

#10 / Quality Appliances and Electronics

We’ve gone out of our way to research and select a combination of quality appliances and mechanical utilities we believe you’ll find nowhere else. From the European style of our cooktop, to our 3.1 cubic foot fridge and convection microwave oven, we chose only the best. High-capacity HVAC systems and ventilation fans provide four-season comfort. Stereo and TV selection are residential quality. Option Warm Waves radiant heating for the ultimate in comfort.

#11 / Custom Automotive Paint

Each Regency is custom painted in distinctive color schemes in our state-of-the-art, dust-free painting facility. Choose from Monochromatic, Sport or Custom Full Paint for your Regency. Multiple coats of paint and clear coat compounds are hand-buffed between processes to result in our signature look that is as durable as it is beautiful.

#12 / A Warranty Built on the Mercedes-Benz Chassis

When you purchase a Regency RV it’s backed by a legacy of automotive quality. As a Certified Mercedes-Benz Master Up-Fitter each Regency motorhome is handcrafted one-at-a-time to exceed industry standards. Just like the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Chassis it is built on, your Regency motorhome is backed by a Three-Year or 36,000 mile Warranty—The Best or Nothing.