A Rich Heritage in Automotive and RV Excellence

Craftsmanship is in the eye of the beholder. And true vehicle masterpieces are not mass-produced with imitation wood, cheap plastics and classless fabrics that resemble a run-of-the-mill commodity. Instead, each Regency coach is built by hand, instilling an individual quality that cannot be duplicated.

Regency RV is made up of a select group of highly skilled craftsmen and women who meticulously hand-build each component of our motorhomes to the highest standards. Our industry leading quality construction processes are specifically designed to ensure your motorhome operates tomorrow as good as it does today. Our dedication to quality will not only protect your investment, most importantly, it will assure your enjoyment in this lifestyle and future adventures.

If you have taken the time to read this far, then you may be one of the discerning buyers destined to own a motorhome built by Regency RV. But please understand, no two Regency motor coaches are the exact same–each is one of only 250 handcrafted luxury vehicles we will build each year. It takes time to create a masterpiece.

Trust your instincts and your senses. Appreciate our hand-sanded, hand-stained and hand-polished real American hardwoods. Marvel at the quality paint lines, each laid out and masked by hand. Touch the plush, hand-sewn seating and smell its supple leather  surfaces. See with your eyes the numerous differences that make a Regency Motorcoach the best motorhome built anywhere in the world!

How it All Began

Regency RV was founded by the legendary Wayne Davis in 2014. Over the course of four decades, Mr. Davis built a brand that today is synonymous with luxury and handcrafted quality. As with anything of world-class caliber, the secret lies in meticulous attention to even the smallest details. His hands-on involvement in every aspect of design and production live on today. Mr. Davis’s world-famous reputation as a classic car curator, former owner to the nation’s leader in wholesale conversion vehicles, and the Regency RV brand set us apart from other generic motorhomes.

Regency Milestones

  • July, 2015 – Built the first Motorhome (Xalta) on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis platform.
  • April, 2018 – Produced the first Class B+ luxury motor coach (Ultra Brougham) on a Mercedes-Benz chassis platform.
  • August, 2018 – Acquired the National Traveler brand, a Class B van built on the Ram Promaster chassis platform.
  • June, 2020 – Expanded ownership group with the addition four new partners, bringing over 70 years of relevant vehicle manufacturing and business management experience to Regency.