Automotive Excellence is in Our Bloodline

1974 Wayne Davis began the restoration and customization of classic American cars in his hometown of Odessa, Texas. By the 1990s, his restorations were sold for record prices coast to coast.

2004 Davis purchased Regency Conversions and continued to innovate new designs into its line-up of trucks and vans. In 2006, when he sold the business, Regency was recognized as the largest volume up-fitter of vans, trucks, and SUVs in the United States.

2008 Wayne Davis retired and sold his collection of 80 classic automobiles in a private offering.

2010 Davis got back in the game replenishing his car collection, building new production facilities and resurrecting the Regency brand.

2016 Davis entered the Class B motor home market under the new Regency, Concept One name.