Lavender Life Company Supports Foster Children in their New Regency RV

We value every customer that climbs aboard a Regency RV, but every now and then someone comes along that touches our hearts forever after.  Vic and Vickie Bennett of Lavender Life Company are just that kind of customer.

The Bennetts own a lavender farm in western Michigan.  When their grandson Xander joined the family as a two-year-old foster child, a new passion and journey was born.  They began crafting the Xander Bunny, a microwaveable bunny stuffed with lavender buds and cherry pits.  For every bunny that is purchased they donate a Xander Bunny to a child in foster care.  They’ve donated over 13,000 Xander Bunnies to children in need.  Their mission is to give a bunny to all the 440,000+ children in foster care throughout the country. Lavender lessens anxiety, improves sleep and provides calming therapy for children experiencing trauma and its aftermath, but most importantly it sends a clear message, “you are loved and not alone.”  Since Xander helped stuff the company’s very first bunny, the business has grown to even include former foster children as employees and their crucial BUY-a-bunny-we-give-a-bunny partnerships continue to grow.

Vic & Vickie with their Regency RV

In the beginning, Vic and Vickie never expected their Xander Bunnies to warrant all the donation trips.  Now they traverse the country, to oftentimes remote counties, in an effort to get bunnies into the hands of caretakers.  Before their Regency RV, they couldn’t stay on location for more than a day without hooking up somewhere.  Now they dry dock for extend periods and continue to do business wherever they go.  With great connectivity and side-by-side desks, they can work around the clock while they donate their bunnies and forge new relationships.  “We love the solar capabilities.  Vickie and I can pull into a truck stop and still be able to function at full capacity the next day,” explained Vic.  There are myriad features they have come to love.  With their 7,000-pound trailer, he remarked that, “an uphill drive in the mountains of West Virginia feels effortless and the rig is so quite we can carry on a conversation without every needing to raise our voice.  Quiet comfort.  We love it.”  Among other features they have grown to love are the driver’s assist in the dash, the shower skylight and the luxurious island bed.  To top it all off, “we have never had this level of customer service with a motorhome.”  And we’re thrilled to be a part of that.

When I spoke with Vic and Vickie, they were on a trip up to Mackinac Island to celebrate the end of a great lavender harvest.  In addition to Xander Bunnies, they produce an array of spa, aromatherapy and culinary lavender products including a Kentucky Bourbon and Vanilla Bean Lavender Extract that they are really excited about.

Here at Regency RV, we are overjoyed to help make their mission possible.  If you would like to get involved, become a friend of the bunny here.  Thank you for providing true inspiration in these crazy times and thank you to their fantastic RV dealer, Ron Hoover out of Katy, Texas.

Happy Trails, Vic and Vickie and we appreciate all that you do!