Wayne Davis and Regency RV

Over the course of four decades, Wayne Davis has built a brand that is synonymous with luxury and handcrafted quality. As with anything of world-class caliber, the secret lies in meticulous attention to even the most minuscule detail and a hands-on involvement in every aspect of production. Today, Wayne Davis enjoys a well-earned reputation as a bespoke manufacturer of luxury RV’s, a world-famous classic car curator, and former owner to the nation’s leader in wholesale conversions of vans, trucks and SUVs.

Wayne’s story is the classic American dream. While the allure of horsepower and the sleek curves of an automobile took root much earlier, the virtues of hard work were ingrained in him around the time he was old enough to see over the check-out counter of his father’s grocery store in Odessa, Texas. Before he even graduated from high school he had already restored his first car – a 1956 Nomad. Upon graduation, he worked to set up his own shop through buying, selling and trading. In 1977, he was restoring cars under his own banner, Thunderbirds, Etc., which initially focused on first-generation T-birds from 1955-57. Before long his interests and expertise had evolved to shine a light on everything from pre-war beauties to 50’s and 60’s street rods as well as American muscle. Its an understatement to say that Davis is a legend in the classic car world. His cars have garnered multiple world records, graces the greens of Pebble Beach, the red carpet of RM Sotheby’s and have been a celebrated fixture at Barrett Jackson, among other venues for decades.

Wayne’s passion and innate skill eventually caught the eye of fellow collector and car magnate, Don Davis, who hired Wayne to come on board as General Manager for his company, Regency Conversions, in August of 1995, At the time, Regency was a regional wholesaler that only serviced Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma. By the time Wayne purchased the company from Don Davis in 2005, Regency Conversions had grown into the largest wholesale uplifter of vans, trucks and SUVs in the nation with an annual production of over 8,000 vehicles to more than 250 dealerships throughout the US. This feat wasn’t the result of merely churning out more vehicles.

From the first day Wayne took the helm of Regency, he labored in each specific shop across the production facility and learned every facet of what went into his automobiles. With that knowledge in hand and coupled with his eye for perfection, Wayne not only enhanced the quality of Regency’s vehicles, he became an innovator in the field of design. Wayne’s right hand man, Alan Osicka helped grow Regency Conversions from 175 units monthly in 1995 to 800 units per month by 2001. Manufacturers of vans, trucks and SUVs they offered their own luxury packages of electronics, wood grain, tricked-out interior an exterior molding rims and details. But long before the industry even thought of offering these luxury options, Wayne was tapping into his creativity to offer examples of sheer class, comfort and luxury. Like the couture of wholesale automobiles, Regency justly garnered a reputation for the ultimate in conversions across the U.S.

In 2007, Wayne sold Regency with the intention to retire. Then, the Wayne Davis Collection of his classic cars and memorabilia was auctioned off in 2008 at a star-studded event hosted by RM Auctions (now Sotheby’s). Wayne wasn’t content to rest on his laurels for long though. He never shook his love affair with classic cars and he continues to operate small production restoration shop that focuses on inimitable custom hot rods and show class, rare exotics. Never-the-less, an opportunity in 2010 was too good to pass up. He purchased the Tuscany Conversions Ford branch and the acquired Regency once again. Wayne brought back out of retirement, Alan Osicka as President and COO. Once again, this dynamic duo began to breath renewed life back into their former
labor of love. In just a few short years, Davis and Osicka elevated the name of Tuscany and gave Regency trucks a whole new spin.

In the meantime, Davis had a new focus coming into view and could not wait to start building top-of-the-line custom motorhomes at his state-of-art manufacturing plant in Fort Worth, Texas. Starting in July 2015, he began manufacturing custom-tailored RVs on the chassis of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter platform under the Regency banner. Now, Regency RV focuses solely on the production of these maneuverable, easy-to- operate luxury RVs. In a very short time, Regency RV has garnered a name as the industry leader in handcrafted motorhomes. Each of the 200 RVs produced annually is entirely unique with hand sanded, stained and polished wood grain, hand-stitched leather and detailed décor personally chosen by Wayne Davis to be a true work of art. A Regency RV is the equivalent of owning a Frank Lloyd Wright home or a couture garment by Coco Chanel. Each vehicle is truly the handcrafted, exclusive design of an American icon.

In 2018 Regency RV produced its first Class B+ luxury motor coach—the Ultra Brougham.