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Take a Tour of Regency's Mercedes-Benz Sprinter's Cockpit

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Take a tour of the new Mercedes Sprinter’s cockpit! Slide into the driver’s seat of our new Ultra. If it captures the luxury and technology of a Mercedes-Benz sedan, that is not an accident! The Mercedes-Benz User Experience in the new Sprinters offers a multi-function steering wheel, voice controls, a high-resolution backup camera, an expansive display screen with advanced infotainment and touchscreen controls, automatic seat adjustment and heat controls as well as endless safety features.

The Steering Wheel:

Equipped with two fingertip-sized scrolling mice, you can control the dashboard HUD as well as the infotainment screen with a simple swipe and select. The cruise control now resides conveniently on the steering wheel along with a control station for Bluetooth calling. With all these features literally at your fingertips, you never need to take your hands off the wheel.

The Infotainment Screen:

With the new 10-inch, expansive infotainment and navigation screen, there is simply nothing you cannot accomplish from the cockpit. Along with Bluetooth audio and phone options, XM and standard radio, you can enjoy all your entertainment from the road. The rearview camera offers state-of-the-art, high resolution imaging that practically eliminates blind spots. Additional safety features include blind spot monitoring, lane-keeping assist, cross-wind assist, driver attention monitoring, radar cruise control as well as emergency front and rear automatic braking. The Mercedes-Benz User Experience is where this luxury brand truly shines.

Seat Controls:

Conveniently located on the driver and passenger side door panel, the controls allow seat adjustment as well as seat heat without ever taking your eyes off the road.

Wireless Charging Dock:

On top of the dash is an ideally designed compartment that wireless charges your smart phone as you cruise down the road. With ALL the bells and whistles, the new Ultra eliminate the hassles of travel so you can enjoy everything your next adventure has to offer. From our family to yours, Happy Trails!

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