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Equipped with our SPARK System

Regency RV's SPARK features a full lithium system for the Xalta Ranger. The rechargeable lithium-ion batteries not only allow you to explore the backcountry without the need for hook ups, it delivers the ultimate in sleep and relaxation without the thrum of a generator. So, you can recharge your batteries while your RV charges theirs.


Optimal Usage of Space

Maximizing space while maintaining comfort and style is where the Ranger truly leaves the competition in the dust. Handcrafted on a class B chassis, the Rangers offer floor plans that deliver efficiency, space as well as quality the Regency name is known for.

The Euro-Loft

Delivering the most sleeping space of any class B on the market, is our "Euro-Loft Drop Bed" option. The spacious top bunk seamlessly stows against the ceiling while the two leather-tufted banquets below can be used for entertaining.


The lounge then effortlessly transforms into two separate sleeping spaces. The double top bunk lowers down and the leather banquets merge to form a full-size bed below. Never has van of this size accommodated a full family or two couples so well. It's a floorplan we're incredibly proud of around here.

Artisan Craftsmanship - Made in Texas

Handmade quality is something of a credo for us. As always, our cabinetry and outfitting are all done in-house here in Fort Worth, Texas. It's in the small bespoke details and the old-world craftsmanship with a modern flare that makes a Regency a Regency and the Ranger's interior is a truly fresh and stylish reflection of that.  

Wherever your travels take you, we're confident a Regency will be the most enjoyable vessel to take you there.

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